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World War One Index
Aug 1, 1914- Germany Invades Luxembourg
Aug 13, 1914- Russians Invade Prussia
Aug 23, 1914- Battle of Mons
Aug 30, 1914- Germany Victorious Against Russia in Battle od Tannenberg
Sept 1914- First Battle of Marne
Oct-Nov 1914- First Battle of Ypres
Nov 1914-Germans Capture Lodz
Jan 1915- First Zeppelin Bombing of England
Feb 1915- Gallipoli Campaign Begins
April 1915-Second Battle of Ypres
May 1915- Lusitania Sunk
Sept 1915-Vilnius Falls to Germans
Sept 1915-Third Battle of Artois
1916-Battle of Verdun
May 1916-Battle of Jutland Island
July 1916- Battle of Somme
Nov 1917- Battle of Cambrai
1917-Allenby Takes Jerusalem
March 1918-Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
July 1918-Battle of Marne
Sept 1918-Battle of Argonne Forest
Nov 1918- German Army Mutinies, Wilhelm II Abdicates, War Ends