The Program Includes:
Fully Narrated Chronology
1000 Photographs and Drawings
100 Video Clips
500 Primary Source Documents

MultiEducator's American History 2 CD ROM set combines hundreds of full screen photos, over 400 original source documents, nearly 100 video clips, and hours of narration — including dramatic audio-visual overviews. These extensive and varied resources enable students to explore American history like never before. This interactive approach makes MultiEducator's American History the perfect tool for teaching about America's heritage.

The program's CHRONOLOGY is divided into 14 eras in American history— starting with the age of exploration and ending with the 1994 Presidential Election and its consequences. Each section includes a narrated overview, which brings the highlights of each era to the screen in dramatic fashion, outlining both the events and major issues of the period.

Explore individual events (which are all narrated). Students receive a brief description of the event and can learn more by pressing the MORE INFO. button.

A BIBLIOGRAPHY button provides additional references for further exploration. Many events include a DOCUMENT button, to access the full text of an original document from that event. These documents can all be printed or exported.

Nearly 100 VIDEO CLIPS can be seen, each an original newsreel of the events depicted in the program.

A student can click on the PRESIDENT button from any event screen and learn about the President at the time. The Presidents' section includes information about the President before he became President, as well as his activities as President. Each "President" screen is linked to a screen regarding that Presidential ELECTION, which outlines the issues of the campaign, the outcome of the vote and the states carried. Students can also access information about the first lady from the special section entitled "FIRST LADIES".

HOW THE US GREW tells the story of the States as they joined the Union. Special sections on AFRICAN AMERICANS, NATIVE AMERICANS, and WOMEN provide a unique perspective on the experiences of these Americans.

Special sections devoted to IMMIGRATION, ECONOMY and TECHNOLOGY, integrate the important factors that helped shape American history. Sections include about 100 graphs (all of which can be exported/printed.

Distinctive audio-visual presentations highlight the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, the CIVIL WAR & W.W.II. An entire section, with hundreds of photos, is devoted to the 1892 COLOMBIAN WORLD'S FAIR. This comprehensive digital tribute to this piece of the past moves toward fulfilling MultiEducator's goal of "Making History a Virtual Reality".