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Technology 1960-1997
1960-Polaris Missile Fired
1960-USS Enterprise Launched
1960-Planes Collide
1962-Last Bendix Race Won by B-58
1962-Telstar Broadcast Live Satellite
1963-Vaccine Against Measles
1963-USS Thresher Sinks
1964-Surgeon General Reports on Smoking
1964-IBM Introduces System 360
1964-Verrazano Bridge Opened
1965-Nader Publishes "Unsafe At Any Speed"
1965-First Commercial Satellite Launched
1965-Great Blackout
1966-First Direct-Dial Phones
1967-Heart Care Makes Strides
1969-First 747 Flight
1969-Concorde Airbourne
1970-Apollo 11
1973-Sears Tower Completed
1973-CAT Scan Developed
1973-Bridge of the Bosphorus
1978-Smallpox Eradicated
1978-First Birth Due to In Vitro
1981-First Space Shuttle Flight
1984-AIDS Breaks Out
1988-Longest Undersea Tunnel Opens
1989-First Liver Transplant
1990-Hubble Telescope Launched
1997-Mars Pathfinder Lands