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Technology 1920-1939
1921-Aircraft Sink Battleship
1922-First US Aircraft Carriers Launched
1922-Doolittle Flies Coast-to-Coast in Under a Day
1922-QANTAS Introduces Service
1923-US Crossed Non-Stop
1924-Around-the-World Flight
1925-Air Mail Contracts
1925-Doolittle Wins The Schneider
1926-Ford Trimotor Introduced
1927-Lindbergh Flies Across Atlantic
1927-Commercial Trans-Atlantic Radio/Telephone Service
1927-French Cross South Atlantic
1928-Earhart First Woman to Fly Across Atlantic
1928-Flight from San Francisco to Australia
1930-Cyclotron Invented
1930-Flash Bulb Introduced
1931-Empire State Building Opened
1931-Wiley Post Sets New Round-the-World Record
1932-Doolittle Seizes Speed Record
1933-Hoover Dam Completed
1933-Boeing 247 Completed
1933-TWA Takes Delivery of DC-1
1934-DC-2 Enters Service
1935-Earhart First Woman to Cross Pacific
1935-Howard Hughes Slashes Speed Record
1935-DC-3 Introduced
1935-Pan Am Begins Service to Manila
1937-US Army Gets First B-17
1937-Hindenburg Blows Up
1937-Amelia Earhart Lost
1938-Hughes Sets New Around-the-World Record
1938-DC-4 Flown First Time
1938-Boeing Unveils Its Stratoliner
1939-Passenger Service Across Atlantic Ocean
1939-Germans Test New Plane
1939-Igor Sikorsky Flies a Helicopter
1939-DDT Discovered as Insecticide
1939-Einstein Writes Roosevelt a Letter