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Bu History- Revolt-Educational Resources- 1776

Using the movie 1776 while teaching about the Declaration of Independence

The movie 1776 is a long movie with a great deal of singing.  It is based on the Broadway musical by the same name. I have used the movie in my seventh grade American History Class for the last two years.  The move does an excellent job of portraying a number of key factors.  First it does an excellent job of showing the divisions between the colonists in the Congress.  It brings to light why some opposed the declaration, what there concerns were, and most importantly it brings to life the compromises that were required to obtain unanimity in the vote for independence. 

The film brings to life the characters of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  The length of the film over two hours is a deterrent to using the film in the classroom.

The second time I used the film I became more adept at skipping ahead over overly long songs and some of the correspondence between Jon and Abigail. 

I strongly recommend the use of the film in teaching about the Declaration of Independence.

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