“HISTORY OF RAILROADS” brings to the computer screen the majesty of the rails. Nearly 1000 photos, 1 hr. of video clips, narration and music combine to dramatize the story of the"Iron Horse". The program covers the history of railroads- from the first locomotive to the state of railroads today.

Some of the events are covered by single screen entries. Most, however, such as the building of the Trancontinental railroad, include 10–MIN. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS. Events covered include:

•Building of The Erie Railroad

•Great Northern Railroads & The Civil War

•Golden Age of Railroads

•Decline of Steam.

Over 100 locomotives from “The Rocket” to modern diesel and electric locomotives are highlighted in the section on LOCOMOTIVES.

A sub-section of the Locomotives section presents EARLY DRAWINGS over 40 drawings of the first locomotives.

The STATISTICS section presents vivid graphs that depict the history of American railroading in numbers.

The GREAT TRAINS section uses photos and narration to tell the story of the great name trains.

The STATIONS section includes over 250 photos and rail terminals across the United States.

A unique section consisting
of 50 full screen photos
chronicles the last great days
of the steam, THE 1940’s.

A special section, with many videos, is devoted to the SCENIC RAILS of today.

Finally, nearly every photo can be PRINTED or EXPORTED.