The Presidnecy of James Madison

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The Presidency of James Madison
James Madison was the last of the founding fathers. He was considered the author of the constitution. He was a wartime president requesting the Decleration of War against Great Britain and even commanding troops in the field as the British advanced on Washington.
Biography: President James Madison
Biography: Dolly Madison

1809- Inaugural Address of President Madison-
1809- Madison First State of the Union
1811- Madison Second State of the Union
1811- Madison Third State of the Union
1812- Madison Fourth State of the Union
1813- Madison Second Inaugural Address
1814 Madison Sixth State of the Union
1815 James Madison's Seventh State of the Union
1816 Madison's Eight Annual Message to Congress
Madison Is Elected
Madison was the natural successor to Jefferson- The Election fo 1808
America Heads Towards War
1810 Macon Bill The Macon Bill open the way for a resumption of trade with France
1810 Battle Of Tippecanoe- In this battle with Indians led by Tecumseh the Americans were victories. Tecumseh would go on to fight in the War of 1812

1811- Madison's Veto Message on Religious Legislation
War of 1812

The War of 1812 was fought on land and on sea In the first part of the war the US failed in an attack on Canada. The US had a number of important victories at sea. In the latter stages of the war the British burned Washington but failed to capture Baltimore. In the final battle of the war the US decisevly defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans.

Hull Invades Canada
The United States Began the War with Failed Attack on Canada
Constitution vs Guerriere-
The United States wins an important symbolic victory on the seas
Battle of Lake Erie
Louis & Clark headed the first government expedition to the Pacific.
Washington Burned- The British capture Washington and burn most of the public buildings
Baltimore Saved-The Americans defeat a British force that attempts to capture Balitmore Battle of New OrleansIn the last battle of the war the US defeated the British
1812- Declaration of War
1812- Origins of the War of 1812 - by John Quincy Adams
1812- War Battle Between the Constitution and the Guerriere
1814 The Burning of Washington
1814 Madisons on the Burning of Washington
The War Ends
The British and Americans reached a peace agreement that ended the war at the same place it began.  Both sides agreed to restore the boundaries to where they were before the war.  Thanks to the victory at New Orleans the Americans believed the war as a victory.
1814 Hartford Convention
A convention held in Hartford Ct, of opponenets of the war
1814 Treaty Of Ghent
The Treaty negotiated in Ghent ended the war, it ended in a stalemate.

1816 Second Bank Of The United States
To help pay for the cost fo the war and restructure the economy President Madison promoted the establishiment of the Second Bank of the United Sates
1814 Treaty of Ghent
1815 Hartford Convention
1816 Act to Create the Second Bank of the US

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