The Major Events During the Industrial Age

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American Reconstruction Era 1865-1878
1877- 1st National Rail Strike
1877- Edison Invents Phonograph
1878- Brand Allson Act
1879 Electric Light Invented
1880 Chinese Treaty
1880- Presidential Election
1881 President Garfield Assassinated
1882 River and Harbor Act
1883- Pendelton Act
1883 Modern Navy Created
1883 Brooklyn Bridge Completed
1883 Mongrel Tariff Enacted
1884 Presidential Elections
1886 Presidential Succession Act
1886 - Haymarket Bomb Blast
1887- Pension Act
1887- Commerce Act
1887 Hatch Act
1888- Presidential Election
1889 Oklahoma Land Rush
1889 Johnston Flood
1890-Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1890-Women's Suffrage Groups Merge
1890- McKinley Tariff
1890-Wounded Knee
1891- Yellowstone First National Park
1892- Ellis Island Opens
1892 -Presidential Elections
1893 Steel Strike Crushed
1893 Great Chicago Fair
1893- Revolt in Hawaii
1893- Panic of 1893
1893 Repeal of Silver Act
1894- Coxley Army Marches on Washington
1894 Pullman Rail Strike
1896 Venezualean Boundary Dispute
1896 Elections
1896 Seperate, But Equal
1897 Dingely Tariff