History Maker

FDR: History Maker makes use of CD Rom technology to chronicle the life of this 20th century President, like no conventional biography ever could. You can watch the major events, meet the people and get to know the man who guided America through one of its most perilous times. By integrating sound, text, pictures and video FDR: History Maker brings Franklin Delano Roosevelt to life on your computer screen.
The Program Includes:
Narrated Chronology of Major Events in Roosevelt's life.
Over 200 Photographs and Drawings
100 Video Clips
100 Primary Source Documents
The program contains an original biographical section covering the major events in FDR's life. 100 video clips and 100 primary source documents combine to provide the depth unavailable in any single conventional resource.

You can watch the inaugural ceremonies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, then read (or even print) the texts of his inaugural speeches. Watch FDR answering questions from the Press and then read the full transcripts. Scores of photos round out this in-depth biography.

Take note of the major EVENTS during FDR's presidencies. Event cards are linked directly to the corresponding chapters in the biography. They contain descriptions, photographs, and where possible, video clips commemorating the episodes and accomplishments in history.

Learn about important PEOPLE in Roosevelt's life. As with the rest of the program, you can print any screen, simply by selecting the print button.

The complete texts of over 100 of FDR's speeches are included.