History of Ships and Navies




MultiEducator's CD Rom “History of Ships and Navies" is ideal for any one who loves the sea. This CD combines nearly 1,000 full-screen photographs, narration, and more than 2,500 pages of text, providing a comprehensive history of ships and navies. “History of Ships and Navies"chronicles maritime history, worldwide, and presents exhaustive resources on the history of the United States Navy.

The Program Includes:
Nearly 1000 Photographs and Drawings
Fully Narrated Chronology
Animated Naval Battle Maps
A Digitized version of the 8-volume Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

The naval history describes the major events in maritime and naval history. Beginning with the first Egyptian boat to ply the Nile, the program continues through to the ships of the Greeks and Romans. The program highlights the major advances in sailing ships from the Carrack to the Clipper Ships. “History of Ships and Navies” covers the transition from sail to steam and tells the story of the great ocean liners.

"History of Ships and Navies" also tells the story of the Great Naval battles, be it the English victory over the Spanish Armada, Sea battles of the American Revolutionary War, Nelson at Trafalgar or the Battle of Jutland. There is even a day-by-day chronology of naval events during the U.S. Civil War.

A separate section chronicles the naval battles of World War II. This program makes such battles as the U-Boat battle in the Atlantic, and the Epic Battles of Midway and the Philippines Sea in the Pacific, come to life on your computer.

A special section of photos and descriptions highlights ships and naval vessels of the world. Great liners, dreadnoughts and famous clipper ships are all depicted. Distinct emphasis is given to the US navy. There are photos of all US battleships and attack carriers, as well as, most cruisers and hundreds of smaller vessels.

A digitized version of the 8—vol. Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships is an integral part of the program and provides a complete history of each and every US Naval vessel from the Revolution to today.

The sample section from our History of Ships & Navies: AIRCRAFT CARRIERS