Adolf Eichmam Ê


Operation Eichmann : The Truth About the Pursuit, Capture and Trial
by Zvi Aharoni, Wilhelm Dietl, Helmut Bogler (Translator), Meir Amit
Price: $17.45


The Trial of Adolf Eichmann : The Holocaust on Trial (Famous Trials)
by Bruce L. Brager
Price: $23.69

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Adolf Eichmam

1906- 1963

Nazi SS Officer, Mass-Murderer

Austrian-born, Adolph Eichmann was an early member of the Nazis SS. He became the man responsible within the SS for the "Final Solution of the Jewish Problem," the annihilation of European Jewry.

After the war, Eichmann escaped from US forces and made his way to Argentina but in 1961, Israeli Mossad agents apprehended the fugitive and brought him to Israel for trial.

In 1962, he was tried, convicted for his crimes against the Jewish people, and hung. Eichmann was the only individual ever to receive the death penalty in Israel and be executed.