Bing Crosby Ê

Bing Crosby : The Illustrated Biography
by Michael Freedland
Price: $19.95

Bing Crosby's Last Song
by Lester Goran
Our Price: $22.99

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Bing Crosby

1903- 1977


Bing Crosby's soothing baritone brought him success from radio to film to television. Viewed as one of the originators of "pop" music, Crosby had nearly 50 Top-Ten hits in the 1940s, including"White Christmas" and "Swingin' on a Star." "White Christmas" remains the most popular single in recording history with sales of over 30 million. Crosby's acting skills were recognized with an Oscar for 1944's "Going My Way" and he teamed with comedian Bob Hope for a series of memorable "road" films.