Bertolt Brecht Ê

Bertolt Brecht's Berlin : A Scrapbook of the Twenties
by Wolf Von Eckardt, Sander L. Gilman, Von Eckardt, Wolf Von Eckardt Price: $19.99

Bertolt Brecht : His Life, His Art and His Times
by Frederic Ewen
Price: $19.95

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Bertolt Brecht



Bertolt Brecht is regarded as one of the pivotal figures in 20th century drama. He was an acclaimed playwright, director and poet. Fleeing Nazi Germany in 1933, Brecht came to the US with his wife. While in America, Brecht wrote some of his most famous work, including Mother Courage and Her Children (1941). He returned to East Germany in 1949, where he established the Berliner Ensemble which he directed until his death.


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