Day 73- Second Hundred of the Obama Administration July 11, 2009



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Day 75- Second Hundred of the Obama Administration July 13 , 2009

The President began his day with his security and econoimc briefings. He then met with his senior advisors.

The President then announced the appointment of the new Surgeon General of the US Dr Regina Benjamin. Dr Benjamin has had exetnesive experience in rural health care and received the prestigious McArthur, genius award for her work.

President Obama in the early afternoon met with Labor Leaders.

The President welcomed the Cololumb Crew soccer team to the White House.

He then had a meeting with Represdentatives of the Major Jewish Organizations in the United States in which he tried to calm their fears that he was pressuring Israel too much. He also seemed to try to convince them to help convince Israel to make conscessions.

The President then delivered remarks at the Urban and Metropolitan Policy Roundtable. Remarks