Day 71 - Second Hundred of the Obama Administration July 9, 2009



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Day 71 - Second Hundred of the Obama Administration July 9, 2009

The President began his day with a meeting with President Lula of Brazil.

He then attended a meetiing with the leaders of the G-8 plus Brazil, Mexico South Africa and Egypt. The goal was to reach a climate agreement. That agreement was not reached when the developing nations refused to committ to a decrease in carbon emissions that the developing nations wanted.

The President then attended a working lunch with the above leaders as well as heads of international organizations.

The next meeting the President attended was with representatives of the Junior 8.

He then attended a larger discussion on the world trad, followed by one on the enviroment.

President Obama then delivered a statement on the enviroment.

He concluded that day by attended an official G-8 dinner hosted by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano.